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2000 – 2016

Born on 2000, passed away peacefully on
7th April 2016
Age 16 years old.
Always remembered fondly by loved ones.

Sending off Sirius, he is 16 yrs old, he was a retired police serving dog, he was the First dog to be trained in Singapore to track for Human remains, he was a wonderful boy, he left us yesterday morning leaving many of us grieving for the lost of this forever charming boy.

He made Singapore proud, he served the nation as a service dog, he served the people, he helped to crack down cases. He is just so wonderful.

His departure was short, he left in peace after seeing the people he loves, he was accompany by all the care givers who pampered and spoilt him, he deserved all the respect.

He was retired from the Police service and was adopted by a dog boarding centre, Sunny heights took over Sirius and allowing him to enjoy his retiring life. he was a precious and was adored by everyone in Sunny Heights.

A big salute to you Sirius, a true Singapore Hero. Run free on the rainbow bridge.

Derrick Tan

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Display Photo of Sirius was edited from photo taken by DeDamselflyPhotography with their permission.

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